Lesson Packages

“Everyone can learn music.”

That is why I give tailored, private lessons for every music lover or (pre)professional powered by positive stimulation and motivation. You will not only learn to play the saxophone, but also to look at the world in an open, creative and critical way.


“Music as a universal language”

Because, as a musician, I play classical, jazz, pop and electronic music, I can harmonize tradition and the contemporary trends in our diverse society and immediately pass on the desired knowledge to you.

Experience and discovery are central, stimulating your curiosity and amazement over and over again. All this with the aim of artistic self-development. I want to teach you to become your own best teacher. Together we unravel the secrets of music.


How does it work?

The private classes are preferably on a weekly basis and are scheduled per semester. Semester 1 goes from September to January, semester 2 from February to June. During schoolholidays there are no lessons.

For children I recommend 30-minute lessons, (young) adults and advanced pupils I recommend 60-minute lessons. Experience has shown that this works best.

Below you can find the prices per package.

General terms and conditions

Do you have any questions?

Here you will find a lot of practical information and the most frequently asked questions.

I want to take lessons!

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