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Welcome to my Saxophone Studio!


“Anyone can learn music.”

That is why I give tailored, private lessons for every music lover or (pre)professional powered by positive stimulation and motivation. You will not only learn to play the saxophone, but also to look at the world in an open, creative and critical way.

For Jeroen, the music comes first and technique will follow, and his approach is very refreshing. This way you immediately feel like you are growing as a musician. He also helps me overcome difficulties with targeted exercises that suit my current playing level.


Jeroen is a saxophone teacher who perfectly manages to adapt his classes to the tempo, abilities and expectations of his student, even though you are a complete beginner. Personally, I love the warm, soft jazz sound of the saxophone. And I feel blessed that Jeroen can take you on a trip to the roots of jazz and help you in the search for your own sound/voice on your instrument. In short, Jeroen is a coach who stimulates me creatively, challenges me technically and supports you step by step in discovering the possibilities of the saxophone. I can recommend him to everyone as a teacher .”


“I really like to study with Jeroen.” As an adult student, I discovered that he very quickly understood at what level I was playing and what I needed at that time to improve. He gently pushed me to the next level, without forgetting to cover to the basics like embouchure, long tones, metronome exercises to create a good rhythmic feel, etc. Jeroen also introduced me to some classic approaches that allowed me to grow faster and to play more confident as a jazz player. I learned that he is not only a very complete musician, but also a talented teacher. To pass on passion and knowledge is a quality that only few artists possess, but Jeroen is one of them.”


“Music as a universal language”

Because, as a musician, I play classical, jazz, pop and electronic music, I can harmonize tradition and the contemporary trends in our diverse society and immediately pass on the desired knowledge to you.

Experience and discovery are central, stimulating your curiosity and amazement over and over again. All this with the aim of artistic self-development. I want to teach you to become your own best teacher. Together we unravel the secrets of music.

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